Support A Few, Empower Hundreds

You make a significant difference in the lives of the people who live in our Supportive Housing sites all over San Francisco. Thanks to you, and other Friends of Conard House, 770 men and women live in safe, affordable housing with on-site mental health and human services.

With the Affordable Care Act, all residents now have access to medical care through a Primary Care doctor of their choice.

But having access and using access are not the same.

An estimated half of our residents avoid, delay or refuse seeing a doctor out of fear, denial or confusion.

We have a goal to raise $80,000 to hire and train a team of 4 Peer Health Navigators to connect 370 Conard House residents to a Primary Care doctor by this time next year.   Peer Health Navigators will work directly with those residents whose barriers to health care, healing and recovery are most formidable. Peer Health Navigators will bring to Health Navigation the unique perspective, strengths and resilience of their own lived experience, empowering residents to seek and use the care they need.

We hope you will find it in your hearts to dig deep and give generously. Give today.



Peer Health Navigation Project

Conard House is formally establishing a health navigation service within our Supportive Housing Program sites using Certified Peer Health Navigators.

Strategic Plan 2015-2020

As Conard House enters its 55th year of operation, we are setting forth with a new Strategic Plan, a fresh version of an enduring vision, a broader mission and four strategies to guide us through the next six years. Read the Executive Summary of the Conard House Strategic Plan

About Conard House

For more than 50 years, Conard House has provided effective, community-based resources for San Francisco's vulnerable adults living with serious mental health issues. Every day, clients working with our skilled team find healthy pathways to recovery, and those resources — including a combination of counseling, treatment, programs and other services — in order to self-manage chronic medical and mental illnesses.

Each year, Conard House serves more than 1,600 adults by:

  • Creating welcoming, caring and empowering communities
  • Fostering personal insight into illness and recovery
  • Promoting long-term independent living; providing access to secure, well-maintained housing
  • Helping our clients understand and negotiate the public mental health and health systems of care
  • Restoring hope