San Francisco Public Access Compliance

In compliance with the San Francisco Non-Profit Public Access Ordinance, the following documents have been made available. If the requested information is not listed or if there is a broken link, inquiries can be directed to the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, Conard House, Inc., 415-346-6380.

Dispute resolution

A member of the public who requests and is denied access to any fiscal information shall be provided a letter within two business days of their request, stating specific information to which access is denied. The letter, to be signed by the Executive Director or his designated member of the Management team, will include contact information for any applicable Contract Monitor(s) representing SFCC agencies or Departments with which the agency is under contract. Conard House will forward a copy of this letter to the applicable Contract Monitor(s). In addition, Conard House will forward a copy of the letter to the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force with a request that the Task Force review and comment on the specific request and denial. Conard House reserves the right to review any Sunshine OrdinanceTask Force recommendation with counsel.