Programs & Services

Since 1960, Conard House has led the way in delivering the community support and an array of resources that make it possible for adults living in San Francisco to self-manage mental illness. Our services include: Community-Supported Self-Management, Jackson Street Community, Supportive Housing and Employment, Money Management and Advocacy.

Research and experience have proven time and again that outcomes for patients with chronic medical conditions—such as diabetes and heart disease—improve dramatically when they are treated as "experts" in their own care and take an active role in "self managing" their condition.

Today, a handful of innovative organizations are taking these same concepts to the world of mental health, delivering the training, tools and support that enable clients to manage their illnesses. Conard House is recognized as one of the nation's leaders in an approach that we describe as Community-Supported Self-Management.

Through personal treatment plans and reliable access to practical and professional services, Conard House helps its clients to navigate often confusing public systems of care, as well as to work and care for themselves. Conard House offers encouragement and hope—and the ability to live a life defined less by illness than by aspiration.