What We Do

Conard House provides effective, community-based resources to vulnerable adults living with serious mental illness in San Francisco. Those resources - housing, counseling and jobs help residents and clients find healthy pathways to recovery and self-manage chronic medical and mental illnesses. Each year, Conard House serves more than 1,600 adults through its welcoming, caring and empowering communities by:

  • Promoting long-term independent living in secure well-maintained housing.
  • Fostering personal insight into illness and recovery.
  • Helping our clients understand and negotiate the public mental health and health systems of care.
  • Providing job referrals and retention services.


Community-Supported Self Management (CSSM)

Research and experience has proven that outcomes for those with chronic medical conditions—including diabetes, arthritis and heart disease—are dramatically improved by engaging clients as "expert partners" in their own care. This means providing the training, tools, and support with which to self-manage. Today a handful of pioneering mental health organizations are applying the same lessons to chronic mental illness, creating an innovative model which Conard House describes as Community-Supported Self-Management.